Kyla Maimon Edinburg

Clinical Psychologist

BPsych (Wits); MA (Clinical Psychology- Wits)
Reg No: PS 011 7099
Pr No: 0493 899

What I Help With

These are some of the types of reasons people may seek out therapy:


Feelings of sadness, tearfulness, loss of interest in activities, irritability, problems eating or sleeping


Worrying, "thinking too much", stomach pains, muscle aches, struggling to breathe, feelings of panic


Couples who are struggling to connect or feel like they fight a lot. Even if couples are serious about separating it can still find it useful to seek out therapy so as to resolve baggage and go into their new lives unhindered


Adult adopted children, moms considering adoption, adopted parents. At any stage it may be helpful to seek out therapy

History of abuse

If you have a history of being emotionally, physically or sexually abused

You are trying to make a difficult decision: it can help to talk to someone who is not invested in the decision which will allow you to think clearly about the issue and explore all the options

The death of a loved one: many people feel stuck in the mourning process and this can linger for years. Therapy can help shift this and allow the person to move on with their life

Physical symptoms

if you have been checked out by a doctor and they cannot find anything wrong it can be useful to consult a psychologist as many emotional issues can present as physical symptoms and cause real discomfort

New moms or dads who are not coping or who have poor social support: having a child can be demanding and exhausting, having some emotional support in this time can make a big difference to how a new parent copes and how they bond with their child

Infants or children who are struggling to eat or sleep well and there is no physical cause


You may see disobedience, aggression, withdrawal, lying, stealing, poor concentration, hyperactivity, clinginess, destructiveness or bed wetting. Play therapy can help a child to express their feelings and anxieties when they don't have the words to say them

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