Kyla Maimon Edinburg

Clinical Psychologist

BPsych (Wits); MA (Clinical Psychology- Wits)
Reg No: PS 011 7099
Pr No: 0493 899

What To Expect

Therapy involves meeting regularly and exploring the person’s life and problems in a non-judgemental, and explorative way. I use a non-directive approach and don’t give advice, rather I help the client to come to decisions on their own. If it is useful I try to help people understand why they are stuck in their lives or keep repeating destructive patterns. Sometimes I only meet with my clients for a few sessions but at other times we meet for many months or even years.

As a therapist I feel it is important to move with my patient and adapt to their needs, therefore each therapy is a unique experience.

Sessions are 45-60 minutes (depending on if it is a couple, child or individual). I often suggest that we meet for a few sessions so that the client can get a sense of the way that I work and see if it suits them before deciding whether or not to go on.

Kyla Clinical Psychologist - Johannesburg

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